Friday, July 2, 2010


I was called back for some last min stuff at work which they need me to help... This whole got me so frustrated... Here I was all wet and horny, was thinking that now i could finally have some time to release some stress but something or someone jus had to come by and fuck it all up... Not wanting to break the denial... I continue going to work in an extremely wet state... every hour min and sec, my thought is filled with wet images of myself (call me a narcissist if you want :P). I resort to even finger fucking myself at my cubicle when i think no one is looking... My thoughts start drifting as i day dream about all the in all the dirty fantasy i have for myself... i.e. having a hot bukkake session in the men's bathroom... jus imagining what could happen got my pussy to start flowing again... rubbing my pussy juice all over my hot nipples...

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