Friday, July 2, 2010

I feel so (insert whatever words you want here) :p


I was called back for some last min stuff at work which they need me to help... This whole got me so frustrated... Here I was all wet and horny, was thinking that now i could finally have some time to release some stress but something or someone jus had to come by and fuck it all up... Not wanting to break the denial... I continue going to work in an extremely wet state... every hour min and sec, my thought is filled with wet images of myself (call me a narcissist if you want :P). I resort to even finger fucking myself at my cubicle when i think no one is looking... My thoughts start drifting as i day dream about all the in all the dirty fantasy i have for myself... i.e. having a hot bukkake session in the men's bathroom... jus imagining what could happen got my pussy to start flowing again... rubbing my pussy juice all over my hot nipples...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Breast Stimulation

Yesterday was the same old mundane task that I go through during work, most of the time spending on reliefing my wet snatch of its aching desire... After getting home, I decided to try something different. I want to do a different kind of teasing and stimulating, and i can only focus on my breast being that my breast is one of my most sensitive part of my body.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dripping Wet Pleasure

Oh god help me here... its been only the first day and i am already so wet and horny, how am I going to survive through this 2 weeks of constant denial... The first thing i got home today was to immediately finger myself... I lost count on the number of times I was that close to cumming... suppressing that lustful pleasure by just sheer will power... In fact the feeling was so intoxicating that I lost track of time, when I decided i had enough and look at the time... it was already 10pm (I came home at 7pm)... My pussy, sore, aching, and dripping wet. The smell of my 'sex' filled the room. The state of dirtiness I am in just got me all hot and heated up again... I just hope I have the strength for me to go through just even the first day...

Bored Wet & Horny

Honestly I cant take it anymore... its so boring in the office and time is a crawl... went to several toilet breaks already to get off... I just wish I could shut myself in the cubicle and bask on the feeling of teetering at the edge... the feeling of a huge amount of sexual pleasure build up in me... not wanting to release it but to continue endure it... Its like having an eternal orgasm but not the full thing... Who in the office would have thought that someone like me could have such dirty and perverted secret... the idea of it just turns me on even more... ooh god, I just feel like tearing off my clothes, get down on my knees and start sucking cocks now... that is how dirty i feel... Photo courtesy of my close friend.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's been a while since I have posted anything as I had focus elsewhere, seems like now is a good time for an update. It's been a while I know and I appreciate your patience. So here goes. Anyway I just had my 2 weeks of long leave approved(after completing a big project which i wont elaborate), and is intending to go for an oversea trip for 1 week. During this 2 weeks, including my trip, I have decided to start on my orgasm denial plan, this time for as long as I can ;) The minimum time I give myself for having to go through denial is at least 1 month. I was thinking of more but am afraid of not being able to deliver... :P Anyway this morning, I had spent a fair bit of time diddling my pussy... working myself to heat... edging myself to orgasm a couple of time before I managed to drag myself out of bed to finish up my left over working days... Hmmm i just cant wait for my leave to start... My pussy is already so wet...

Saturday, February 21, 2009


As I have been very busy this past few weeks I will not be able to start an orgasm denial... Rest assure that this blog is still in use.