Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Almost There

DAY 7 & DAY 8:

My pussy feels swollen and aching, I am feeling really irritable. Yesterday was a depressing day for me, aside from the Monday blues, I find myself day dreaming for most of the day. Although I have limit myself from touching my pussy too often, I find myself getting wet and turned on easily. I managed to survive through the day purely on self control and was rather proud of myself. At about 4pm I recieved a text message from Jeze that she is coming over to my place tonight, my mood immediately lifted up even though I had tons of work to be completed which requires me to OT at least I had something to look forward to later.

By the time I was done, it was already 8pm. I had a quick dinner with a couple of colleagues and rushed home. All the time my pussy was throbbing and dripping with anticipation but I withheld myself in order to prepare for what maybe coming.

Jeze arrived shortly after I reached home, I could tell she had been denying herself for quite sometime probably since our little sexcapade the day before yesterday. As soon as we were together in my bedroom, we immediately dove onto each other. It was one of my most passionate moments with her and the feeling when we were kissing was really sensual. I did not realize how long we actually have been kissing until I glanced at the clock and find that its past midnight. Our pussy are both soaking by now and am feeling extremely aroused. We decided to apply for urgent leave for the following day which will be today as at that time nothing else matters to us anymore except satisfying our sexual urges.

We did a lot of intense teasing to each other. I tied her hands behind her back as she kneels and sit over my breast, I procceeded to slowly finger her, taking care not to make her cum. The idea was to 'milk ' her pussy juice over my tits as much as possible and after an hour of 'milking', my tits was drenched with her sticky fluid. The feeling of her wet pussy rubbing against my breast was really hot. After a while we swopped positions and she repeat what I did to her. Our breast were both lathered with each others love fluid and as we kissed each other my wet nipples rubbed against hers, that was enough to get us teetering over the edge. The last I remembered was us kissing as we drifted in and out of sleep, being too exhausted to do anything else.

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