Sunday, February 1, 2009

Outdoor Tease

DAY 6:

Just got back home after going out with my friend Jeze, I told her of my plans and the current state I am in. Unfortunately she was not able to accompany me tonight although she would really love to. You see, Jeze, like me also has a strong fetish for orgasm denial, well it was partially my fault that she got hooked to it :) We have spent nights comforting each other before and I will leave it to everyone imagination on what we did hehe. Anyway my day out wasnt all that bad, I was able to keep myself under control even though I feel extremely uncomfortable below. Jeze was quick to tease me everytime when she get the chance, knowing that I prohibit myself from touching my pussy today, she would tease me by rubbing my inner thighs or tease my sensitive nipples whenever we were alone. As I was not wearing any bra or panty, this was enough to get me raging hot. Before we part ways, we went to a public toilet and had a really hot make out session in a cubicle, we occasionally heard some passerby outside our cubicle but I am not sure whether if they know whats going on inside. Although we try to keep it down, it was inevitable that both of us made some small noises. The idea that somebody knew what was going on and was listening is really exciting for the both of us :p


  1. Sounds like a lovely evening and it sounds like the two of you are trying to deny the other and tease the other nicely.

    May I suggest that the two of you agree on a date for your next mutual orgasms. Then try and hold out till them. Sense your new to this, take small steps, don't leap into weeks upon weeks of this.

    If you've gone a week and your starting to let other important things like work, and other such things slide, its time to finish this denial period, and set an new goal after a few days of cumming your little brains out.

    Then...start again and move further...if you did a week, try two. Remember there is no such thing as failing here, your exploring limits. Once you find one, relax a little, then see if that limit can be pushed a little.

    Just some friendly advice.

    Domina Ludy