Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's been a while since I have posted anything as I had focus elsewhere, seems like now is a good time for an update. It's been a while I know and I appreciate your patience. So here goes. Anyway I just had my 2 weeks of long leave approved(after completing a big project which i wont elaborate), and is intending to go for an oversea trip for 1 week. During this 2 weeks, including my trip, I have decided to start on my orgasm denial plan, this time for as long as I can ;) The minimum time I give myself for having to go through denial is at least 1 month. I was thinking of more but am afraid of not being able to deliver... :P Anyway this morning, I had spent a fair bit of time diddling my pussy... working myself to heat... edging myself to orgasm a couple of time before I managed to drag myself out of bed to finish up my left over working days... Hmmm i just cant wait for my leave to start... My pussy is already so wet...