Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dripping Wet Pleasure

Oh god help me here... its been only the first day and i am already so wet and horny, how am I going to survive through this 2 weeks of constant denial... The first thing i got home today was to immediately finger myself... I lost count on the number of times I was that close to cumming... suppressing that lustful pleasure by just sheer will power... In fact the feeling was so intoxicating that I lost track of time, when I decided i had enough and look at the time... it was already 10pm (I came home at 7pm)... My pussy, sore, aching, and dripping wet. The smell of my 'sex' filled the room. The state of dirtiness I am in just got me all hot and heated up again... I just hope I have the strength for me to go through just even the first day...