Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wet Snatch

DAY 6:

Its 2 in the afternoon and I just woke up. Yesterday was considered a day of endless pleasure for me and now I am feeling rather exhausted, frustrated and horny at the same time :p My pussy has pretty much "cooled down" since last night but I can still feel the dampness. In fact, I am so wet and horny that I took off my panty, sniffed and licked my juice stained underwear. Normally I would feel rather revolted but somehow it served as an aphrodisiac of some sort and I was further aroused. Guess being sexually denied can change ones perspective in many things lol. I figured the best way for me to endure my orgasm denial today would be to deny myself of any sort stimulation to my pussy but before that I think I will edged myself one last time for the day :P

One of my girl friends (she's a bi too) have invited me out later in the day. At least that is one thing to get my mind off constant masturbation which I have been thinking for the whole of yesterday ;p Maybe I could persuade her to stay with me and have a night of dirty fun hehe. Just the thought of that is making me all hot again. Anyway I will continue to update on my progress later.

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