Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 2 Orgasm Denial Escapade

DAY 2:

Finally just got back from my work and has been feeling antsy the entire day. Started my day by working myself up to heat while in the bathroom, it didnt take long for that to happen probably due to the heavy teasing from yesterday. I didnt realise how long I actually spend in the bathroom as I play with myself allowing the orgasm build up to go up and down. How I wish I could just stay in there for the rest of the day. The intense teasing is really too much for me to bear as I thought of ending this torment several time hoping for one huge orgasm, but at the same time not wanting this unending pleasure to just end this way.

As I got dressed for work, I chose to wear a low cut white spaghetti top without bra and a cardigan over follow by a pair of jeans. As I journey to work in the bus, I was constantly stealing moments to relief myself in whatever way possible (I had my bag over my lap to cover my hand), trying not to get caught at the same time. Not sure if I succeed though as I get the feeling of the guy standing beside where I was sitting was staring down my tank top probably my cleavage :P hehe. Anyway by the time I reached my work place, I have already "edged" myself several time, at some point I really thought I was about to cum. I sat down at my work desk and just wish I could stay in that spot till I knock off at 5 but sadly that will not happen. I had piles of work, reports & emails which I will not elaborate on this blog. As I was kept busy moving around throughout, my edge on orgasm gradually died down but I could not get rid of the aching desire to touch my wet pussy as a result of last nights build up. When I finally got the chance to get a break, I dashed inside the rest room cubicle to check on my poor aching pussy ;p My pussy juice have soaked my entire panty. I teased myself for 5 mins, rubbing a good amount of pussy juice over my nipples before leaving reluctantly. I was probably limping my way around for the rest of the day feeling really sexually frustrated and to make matter worst I had to stay back after working hours to finish up some stuff. Later I was invited to dinner with some colleagues but as any normal orgasm deprived female will do, I declined as I had more "pressing" matters to attend to.

Immediately after I reached home, I finger fucked myself like there is no tomorrow at the same time being careful not to cross the edge of orgasm. As you can see, a rather frustrating day for me but the whole pont is to see how long I could keep this up till I succumb. Anyway to all orgasm denial fans out there, wish me luck! ;p