Saturday, January 31, 2009

Unbearable Pleasure

DAY 5:

I am now onto my eighth hours of teasing since morning and is feeling really ecstatic and extremely naughty. I have spent my entire day finding ways to tease my body. I find myself rubbing my body or pussy against anything I could get my hands on, bananas, bolster, kitchen drawer handle, shower head so on and so forth. It is getting really difficult to do this alone as I feel that I am just about to give up any moments now, I even had several close calls when I am just teaseing my nipples. Maybe I ought to go out and get some fresh air, focus my mind with some other mundane thoughts to cool myself down alittle.


  1. I think it is time for some no-touch denial. You should also let some of that fresh, cool air get to your pussy.

  2. Nice to see you started a blog,I have enjoyed reading your trials with denial up to this point.seems you are feeling the edges very nicely.Maybe you could punish yourself for having thoughts of giving in too soon.Clothespins on your nipples,or on your puss for a set amount of time.If you get to close to orgasm,nothing like some pain to push it back just a little.keep up the fight,also I love your pics,lovely little body you have there.....edward

  3. The Edge is a place of many thoughts and feelings, hun. Some of them are terrible and some of them are wonderful. But all of them seek to call you away. Heed them not.

    Of course, they'll only get stronger :D Self-denial is like water in an unplugged sink that hasn't quite begun to drain out. The water desperately crushes against itself, trying to reach that lovely exit at the bottom, held back only by its own pressure against the air beneath. Of course, it's only a matter of time before the air within loses the battle. Then the whirlpool will begin, unstoppable. The frustration will only grow brighter and more vivid with each passing day, each passing hour. You can only distract yourself with mundane thoughts for so long... Perhaps Edward above me is on to something. There is no greater taskmaster than pain, after all. Even self-inflicted.

    If you truly wish to play this out for a long period of time (or a controlled period of time, even), then – in lieu of another human being for support (aside from our lowly selves, of course. For what cold comfort and meager authority 12 point Trebuchet can give), it may be to your benefit to consider his suggestion.

    Whatever the case, you are water against a drain right now. If you don't find an airtight lid to help hold yourself up, you may just wind up falling through that "O" at the bottom sooner than you'd like to.

  4. Addendum: I'm rather impressed that you've managed to – so far – keep this blog updated on a daily basis. It shows me that behind your Horny Wet Self lies someone who is quite disciplined indeed. At far.